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PBXDom Call Analytics Dashboard on Desktop and iPad and iPhone

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Struggling to get call reports?

Department managers often don’t have the call insights they need to make smart decisions. This data is either impossible to recover, is too tedious to collect, or is only available historically. You might be experiencing all of these issues.


Instantly pull up reports with real-time data

With PBXDom, you can finally start reporting on phone calls and phone system usage, and get what you need in seconds. It’s easy to install and the dashboards are customizable to the insights you want most.


Why enterprises and SMBs choose​ PBXDom

15 Minutes Install
Customizable Dashboards
More than 70 Unique Widgets
Real Time & Historical
Cloud Based

Check out some of our most popular widgets


Choose from 70 widgets to add to your customizable dashboards so you can get an instant overview into the data you need

Call reporting software that provides instant results

Call Analytics Dashboard

Discover opportunities to reduce or maximize resources, learn who your top performers are, and more.

PBXDom for Emergency 911 & Alert
Emergency 911 & Alert

Get notified when anyone from your organization makes a call to 911 so you can mobilize resources.

PBXDom for Telecom Expense & Call Accounting

Learn about your estimated bill before your bill actually arrives and take action before it’s too late.

Easy to set up with any provider

PBXDom directly integrates with all major PBX systems, software and hardware for call switching, and call center reporting systems. We offer two different installation methods that are cloud-based and lightning fast.

PBXDom connectivity to Major UC and phone systems

Simple steps to real time call reporting

1-Choose your plan
2-Hook up your phone providers to our cloud-based capture system
3-Set up your dashboards with the metrics that matter
4-Review, analyze, and share data whenever

Real-time call analytics


What customers say about PBXDom

Integrates with your favorite phone systems and voice platforms
Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic

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