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PBXDom is on a mission to make phone call analytics as effortless and actionable as possible.

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We believe phone analytics should be...

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We continually strive to make installation and utilization as simple as possible.

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With live and historical data from your current phone system providers, you get real insights.

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Analytics data should be available to the people who need it, without struggle or confusion..

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 You don’t have to switch phone providers just to get great analytics

Seven years ago, the idea for PBXDom was born. Our founder had a software company focused on the development of call center applications, interactive voice response systems, and other telecom software needs.

A trend emerged with new requests from clients: so many companies wanted to switch their phone system provider just so they could get better analytics from some other competitor who met their needs for real time data or historical data stored for longer periods of time.

We quickly realized a huge opportunity. Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars to switch phone systems if the only new feature needed is phone analytics?

Just hook up PBXDom to your current phone system or cloud phone system provider.

PBXDom is a call analytics dashboard that integrates with all major phone systems and UC platforms. No switching major phone systems necessary.

We believe in getting ROI from all software, especially analytics

We believe in getting ROI from all software, especially analytics

Get immediate ROI from our phone analytics software in several ways:

  • Monitor your telecom bills
  • Get notified of unusual activity
  • Watch department budgets in real time
  • Find unnecessary technical expenses
  • Discover ways to consolidate or overlap support teams

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To help you get the insights you need to make smarter decisions about your human resources and technical resources, we’ve created PBXDom.

  • Fast installation
  • Customizable dashboards with more than 70 widgets
  • Live data and historical data
  • Shareable and actionable
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