IO.Swagger – the C# library for the <PBXDom API>

This C# SDK is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 2.1.0
  • SDK version: 1.0.0
  • Build date: 2016-06-25T14:19:12.262Z
  • Build package: class io.swagger.codegen.languages.CSharpClientCodegen

Frameworks supported

  • .NET 4.0 or later
  • Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango)


The DLLs included in the package may not be the latest version. We recommned using [NuGet] ( to obtain the latest version of the packages:

Install-Package RestSharp
Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json

NOTE: RestSharp versions greater than 105.1.0 have a bug which causes file uploads to fail. See RestSharp#742


Run the following command to generate the DLL

  • [Mac/Linux]
  • [Windows]

Then include the DLL (under the


folder) in the C# project, and use the namespaces:

<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> IO.Swagger.Api;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> IO.Swagger.Client;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> Model;

Getting Started

<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> System;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> System.Diagnostics;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> IO.Swagger.Api;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> IO.Swagger.Client;
<span class="hljs-keyword">using</span> Model;

<span class="hljs-keyword">namespace</span> <span class="hljs-title">Example</span>
    <span class="hljs-keyword">public</span> <span class="hljs-keyword">class</span> <span class="hljs-title">Example</span>
        <span class="hljs-function"><span class="hljs-keyword">public</span> <span class="hljs-keyword">void</span> <span class="hljs-title">main</span>(<span class="hljs-params"></span>)
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> apiInstance = <span class="hljs-keyword">new</span> DefaultApi();
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> rptType = <span class="hljs-number">1.2</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// double? | Report type. (0 report, 1 widget, 2 chart).</span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> rptId = <span class="hljs-number">1.2</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// double? | Report id.</span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> start = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Start offset. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> limit = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Number of results to return. Max 10K. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> sortBy = sortBy_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | Sort column. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> sortType = sortType_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | Sort mode asc/desc. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> fromDate = fromDate_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | Start date time. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> toDate = toDate_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | End date time. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> duration = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Duration range. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> phone = phone_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | List of caller phone. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> phone1 = phone1_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | List of dialled phones. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> co = co_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | List of trunk/co. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> ext = ext_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | list of extensions. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> pbxId = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | list of PBX Ids. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> callSource = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | list of callsource. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> callType = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | list of call type signatures.(5 Unanswered Calls, 7 Transfered Calls, 8 Forwarded Calls) (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> direction = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | list of direction.(0 incoming, 1 outgoing, 2 internal) (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> callerName = callerName_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | list of caller name. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> did = did_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | list of did. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> dnis = dnis_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | list of dnis. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> acc = acc_example;  <span class="hljs-comment">// string | list of account code. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> ring = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Ring range.Seconds unit. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> cost = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Cost range. (optional) </span>
            <span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> <span class="hljs-keyword">group</span> = <span class="hljs-number">3.4</span>;  <span class="hljs-comment">// decimal? | Department/Group id. (optional) </span>

            <span class="hljs-keyword">try</span>
                List&lt;InlineResponse200&gt; result = apiInstance.CallsGet(rptType, rptId, start, limit, sortBy, sortType, fromDate, toDate, duration, phone, phone1, co, ext, pbxId, callSource, callType, direction, callerName, did, dnis, acc, ring, cost, <span class="hljs-keyword">group</span>);
            <span class="hljs-keyword">catch</span> (Exception e)
                Debug.Print(<span class="hljs-string">"Exception when calling DefaultApi.CallsGet: "</span> + e.Message );

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

ClassMethodHTTP requestDescription
DefaultApiCallsGetGET /Calls
DefaultApiFeaturesChartsGetGET /Features/charts
DefaultApiFeaturesReportsGetGET /Features/reports
DefaultApiFeaturesWidgetGetGET /Features/widget

Download C# Sample Code