PBXDom + Slack

Get Slack notifications when missed calls in your department.


Call Accounting & Analytics + messaging.

Use your favorite team communication tool to find new conversations to join.

React in real-time

Receive a Slack notification as soon as toll fraud detection.

Increasing Employee Productivity

With most organizations, payroll is one of the largest expenses, and small increases in employee productivity can result in higher cost savings.
Improve productivity by immediately notification on phone activity on Slack.

How to Set it Up

Step 1:
Login to your PBXDom account and go to Settings/Account
Step 2:
On the integration tab clicks on Add to Slack Button and waits to redirect to the Slack website.

Step 3:
Select the channel you want to receive notification from PBXDom and click on Authorize button.

Step 4:
In the alert section, you can select the alert type to Slack and receive the alert in your Slack.