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Do You Remember the Last Time You Analyzed All Your Calls?

August 13th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

If your company has a limited budget likewise most of the other companies, then this means that you do not have the needed budget to be able to record the calls details. Whereas, the information on the calls traffic reports is based on the real data. Plus, by using this information you can find out about the peak hours and traffic patterns in your company. These reports offer you the best and the most comprehensive information on your calls.

For those who were not able to keep records of their calls’…

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Percentage of Abandoned Calls in Support and Services Department

August 1st, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

An Abandoned call, also known as a Missed call is a call type on which the caller hangs up the phone before any person answers. Abandoned calls number and its percentage number have key roles in satisfying the clients who are contacting the Support and Services Department.

In fact, every successful company or organization must constantly be trying to keep abandoned calls number very close to zero. Percentage of abandoned calls finds a greater importance in SLA (Service Level Agreements) contracts and documents. For gauging the quality of a Support and Services Department, the…

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Can a PBX Reporting Service Help Improve Employees’ Productivity?

July 22nd, 2017 / Reza Mousavi



1-How do you want to increase up your employees’ productivity? Do you motivate them with any incentive plan?

2-Have you set some purposes which can be easily compared and measured?

3-Have you put the tasks and responsibilities transparency, performance innovation, and each person’s expectations as the cultural aspects of a collaboration?

4-Companies never apply similar strategies for being more productive. But how a call reporting service could help companies be more productive?


It might sound a bit weird that one of the best uses of a call reporting service at an organization level is calculating…

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Call Management at Universities and Educational Institutions Levels

July 15th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

The needed budget of telecommunication for big organizations which are always in interaction with a large number of customers can be extremely expensive. Being connected has a great importance for educational institutions. For that, they need to allocate some great deal of money only for this purpose. Therefore, this actually means that there’s a high demand for managing calls. That’s why some of the institutions and organizations have an effective department for keeping the calls costs to the minimum possible value, as well as stopping any type of abuses.

How to reduce…

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Better Management of Sales Department by Call Management and Analysis Service

July 1st, 2017 / Reza Mousavi
Sales Management

For managing the sales department in a better way, a manager needs accurate information of the process of the works which are performed. As a manager, you need to know how the works are progressing, and whether or not the efforts being made are moving you toward your purposes.

One of the very important things in the sales department of all companies is the status of calls. Companies invest a lot in advertising on media and magazines. As the result of this investment, your company receives calls from those customers who…

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Infographic: Advantages of Call Accounting & Analysis PBXDom

June 10th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

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PBX Call Logging Software

April 24th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

Are you looking for your desired call logging software?
Have you ever thought how it’s possible to monitor telephone communications of several branches or PBXes of the organizations?

If your company or organization has many divisions, then the problem of evaluating communications and call cost of PBXes have always been so challenging.

Traditional Solutions
1-Installing and running reporting softwares available in the market on each of the PBXes, generating reports of each PBX separately, and gathering and evaluating each of the reports to reach the final result and make the last decision.

2-Using Microsoft…

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How To Create Asterisk Server Dashboard In 10 Minutes

April 16th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi
Asterisk Dashboard

Asterisk PBX has been used by many businesses today and is an excellent choice for many types of businesses and needs. Asterisk is powered by some very rich features; you should pay more than 10K US dollars for other platforms and PBX systems. But one of the big problems in Asterisk platforms is that they are very complicated to work with and need the user to have an in-depth knowledge about settings.

One of the essential capabilities in any telephone system is reporting and monitoring. You can find simple report and…

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Extensions Summary Report

November 29th, 2016 / Reza Mousavi

The extension summary report gives you a quick summary of calls handled by your PBX extensions. You can use this report to find out which of your extension are getting the most calls, which extension is handling calls quicker and better. You can find the following data in extension summary report:

Extension: Extension Number
Extension Name: Extension Name
Incoming: Total Incoming Calls received by extension
Outgoing: Total Outgoing Calls made by extension
Total: Total Calls for extension
Duration: Total Talk Time for extension
Cost: Total Cost for extension

You can filter by:

From: the start date, which can…

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