Beta Testing Data Integration with Zapier

October 15th, 2015
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Today our team completed integration to Zapier, one of the best integration platforms that allow you to connect more than 500 online apps to talk together and exchange data.After this integration is published globally, you can do so much more with PBXDom, by connecting it to the other web apps and software you love via our Zapier integration.

We have only one polling trigger allowing you to receive your call information based on the selected report type. This integration can help you do anything you want, for example, you can create a Zap and integrate PBXDom with Gmail and set it up so that each time you have a missed call, you’ll be alerted by an email with missed call information.

Another example where integration is very beneficial is when connecting PBXDom to a CRM software such as ZohoCrm or Salesforce; this combination gives you the ability to insert automatically call activity into your CRM software, all you need to do after that is to add your comment for each call in the CRM app.

Currently, we have started testing with a select number of users and were on track to publish this integration globally very soon.

Reza Mousavi
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