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Product Update: What’s New in PBXDom for Jun 2018

June 18th, 2018 / Samaneh Sohrabi
PBXDom iphone apple

This is our first product update announcement in 2018. This does not necessarily imply that we have not updated. Rather, we have made significant changes in PBXDom, with your help, and are moving forward faster and more motivated.

We always listen carefully and want to solve more problems. So, we would always appreciate your valuable suggestions.

I’d like your attention to significant changes in June 2018.



PBXDom, Behind The Scenes

April 28th, 2018 / Hadi Hakimi

If you’re wondering what technology has been used to develop PBXDom, then put some time to read through this. Over this tiny little piece, I’m going to tell you about the core technology being used to provide super fast and efficient service on PBXDom, as well as presenting some few reasons for such a pick.

In the first place, PBXDom was developed using PHP and MySQL and a bunch of other programming languages like Delphi. Although PHP did not sound a bad idea in 2013, when the development process began, but very soon as the platform was launched on the…

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Call Abandonment Rate: Reduce Plans and Strategies – Part Three

April 1st, 2018 / Hadi Hakimi

Call Abandonment Rate:Part Three!

You invest thousands of dollars in marketing your business, and now instead of making your brand and services more popular and widely recognized, you get an inverse result.

Because, probably, a huge number of calls can get abandoned and that’s why.

Managers who spend heaps of dollars to attract clients toward their products and services and grow their business, but due to lack of human and other resources, they fail to handle their referred clients.

In some businesses and activities, there are only a few numbers of major clients that are discovered through the conversations your team will have…

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How to save PBX call information in Google Sheets

February 25th, 2018 / Reza Mousavi
How to save your PBX calls info in Google Sheets (1)

Microsoft Excel is very popular because of its ability to filter and add charts, as well as many other features. The majority of people who have some experience with spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

When you deal with your call information on your voice platforms, you might want a special report or chart that you can’t find on PBXDom or other systems like that. We already have an export feature for any reports you can get on PBXDom, and you can use…

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Call Abandonment Rate: Main Roots and Reasons – Part Two

February 13th, 2018 / Hadi Hakimi

Abandoned calls are inevitable. Meaning that whether we want it or not, they happen.

But fortunately, there are some great solutions which we can take advantage of to take down the number of abandoned calls to some acceptable values.

Why I’m saying ‘acceptable values’? Does it mean that we can’t manage to tend it to zero?

Of course, we could. But, it’s not worth it and it’s not necessary.

Experts and professionals have, thankfully, guided us to keep our businesses and companies call abandonment rate within the discovered range known as Optimal Range. It’s believed that if directors manage to keep their phone…

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PBXDom Blog in 2017

January 23rd, 2018 / Reza Mousavi
PBXDom Blog in 2017
It’s hard to believe that we’re wrapping up another fun and exciting year here at PBXDom. In this post, you’ll find our post recap in 2017 for Call accounting, call analysis subjects.
I hope it’s helpful.

How To Create Asterisk Server Dashboard In 10 Minutes

Asterisk PBX has been used by many businesses today and is an excellent choice for many types of businesses and needs. Asterisk is powered by some very rich features; you should pay more than 10K US…

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How To Create Cisco Call Manager Dashboard In 10 Minutes

January 14th, 2018 / Reza Mousavi
How To Create Cisco CallManager Dashboard In 10 Minutes

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) serves as the software-based, call-processing component of Cisco Unified Communications.(PBXDom is  Cisco Call Manager Dashboard 3rdparty).

The Cisco Unified Communications Applications Server provides a high-availability server platform for Cisco Unified Communications Manager call processing, services, and applications.
The Cisco Unified Communications Manager system extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices,
voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications. Additional data, voice, and video services, such as unified messaging, multimedia…

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Call Abandonment Rate: Optimal Range – Part One

January 10th, 2018 / Hadi Hakimi

What is Call Abandonment Rate?

One of the main challenges of directors in companies, manufacturers, businesses, and services is decreasing the number of abandoned calls(Call Abandonment Rate) in their call centers, help desks, and sales and marketing departments.

And as you know, call abandonment rate value is the number of all the abandoned calls divided by all the calls received in a company, organization, department, or even a branch.

Managing to take down the call abandonment rate is vital, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only factor which could have…

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Call Analysis API: Why to Develop and Integrate With PBXDom?

December 26th, 2017 / Hadi Hakimi

Call Analysis API: If you’re a PBXDom customer who’s using this service for managing and analyzing your company’s phone calls information or a person with years of experience in phone telecommunication, a developer who has come up with an idea to extend PBXDom through integration by creating an app to offer some services, then you should really act quickly and bring it to life. Here is why?

You must already know about the benefits of integration of applications and services with each other, and how making such decisions help improve services and grow online businesses.

So far, PBXDom has integrated with…

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How To Convert Cisco CDR Date and Time

December 8th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi
Cisco CDR Date Time

The call detail records (CDR) in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Call Manager) have many fields for date and time. The date and time fields in CDR files are as follows:


To better understand each field, take a look at the following image:


As mentioned in Cisco document, the date and time fields are based on UTC time zone and it is…

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