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How To Convert Cisco CDR Date and Time

December 8th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi
Cisco CDR Date Time

The call detail records (CDR) in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Call Manager) have many fields for date and time. The date and time fields in CDR files are as follows:


To better understand each field, take a look at the following image:


As mentioned in Cisco document, the date and time fields are based on UTC time zone and it is…

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Product Update: What’s New in PBXDom for Oct 2017

November 25th, 2017 / Samaneh Sohrabi
Call Accounting Days/Hours Filter

One more month is passed, and we, with your help, are moving forward faster and more motivated.

We always listen carefully and want to solve more problems. So, we would still appreciate your valuable suggestions.

I’d like your attention to significant changes in Oct 2017.

New features:



Fixed Bugs:

PBXDom – Cyber Monday 30% OFF – 2017

November 24th, 2017 / Samaneh Sohrabi
PBXDom Cyber Monday

Don’t miss out; we’re having our first Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal! That’s 30% OFF Annual Plans!

This promotion is only available to Annual Plans:

  • New users who have not purchased a Plan in the past
  • Users who canceled their Plan
  • Users who want to upgrade

Offer only valid between the 24th of November and the 27th of November 2017. Do not miss this deal.


Use the following coupon :




Our team at PBXDom will be so glad to hear from you if you have any problem.


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A Necessary Step to Have More Precise Call Accounting on PBXDom

November 13th, 2017 / Hadi Hakimi

More Precise Call Accounting on PBXDom: Making expansion and basing your branches or divisions in other states and countries lead you to work with different telecommunication service providers. Some of the providers have different pricing models, or conversation costs can noticeably differ from one country to the other.

One of the Call Accounting and Analysis services capabilities is calculating the total call cost of your landlines/Trunks. But we need the presented cost to be exact and precise.

If your company or organization is utilizing different landlines coming from different telecom companies,…

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Call Accounting Integration: Alerts and Conditions

October 29th, 2017 / Hadi Hakimi

Call Accounting Integration: Alerts and Conditions

Being a manager means having tons of responsibilities and duties. As a manager, you’re not tended to fully expose your brain to store and process all events and information thrown at you. Cause, you’re simply busy.Sorry, by which I mean unnecessary information! Critical information should always be known and noticed right off the bat, very immediately. We know it, we admit it, and we put it aside for now!

Assume that one of your staff in your company or organization calls 911 and you’re not around to realize about the reason—possibly you’re on a business…

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4 Widgets on PBXDom Call Analysis That Every Manager Loves to Use

October 21st, 2017 / Hadi Hakimi
Call Accounting Software

Not a while ago, I was given another task to handle which required me to go through some of the PBXDom’s call analysis widgets and do some little tests. Right in the middle of what I was doing, I got distracted and found myself thinking about something completely different. That time around I came across the term ‘Real-time.’


We all use Social Media and online services like Google. All of these big heroes of the web are benefiting from real-time web technologies for most the services they are offering. If you have ever played a game online, then you already…

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Gauging Advertising Effect on Marketing and Sales Programs By Call Analysis

October 17th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi

Surely, you have run a lot of advertisings for promoting your business. If I ask you which advertisement was the most effective one, then do you have a certain answer?

Obviously, if you’re not sure about your answer, then this means that your company like most of the other companies uses some very subjective and traditional ways of measuring the effect of their advertising campaign.

To better understand it, pay attention to this example. Imagine that you are interested in publishing an advertisement in a newspaper, and then measure its effect…

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Product Update: What’s New in PBXDom for Sep 2017

October 13th, 2017 / Samaneh Sohrabi
Amazon Connect and PBXDom

Talk less, action more! Here, I’d like to drag your full attention to this month’s improvements and features on PBXDom. One of the important factors of our success originates from being highly responsive to the needs of our clients — not in words, but action. Here’s the proof!

New features:

PBXDom now support Amazon Connect
Collector old data import tools
White List
Add page length in reports (200, 500, or more)
Smart report sorting based on usage
Add Rows setting in all data-table widgets


Faster widgets
Collector security improvement


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Concurrent Calls Analysis Widgets Help Become More Responsive

October 8th, 2017 / Hadi Hakimi

Does your business, company, or organization receive and make a massive number of calls on the daily basis?

And despite the fact that you and your staff are always putting your whole 100% energy to keep up, no positive change has been made regards to your responsiveness, and still, you have very stressful and challenging moments to deal with.

This can even lead to increased number of unsatisfied customers, which can be considered as an alarming status for your business or company.



If your concerns match mine, then go ahead and say hello…

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Stop Manual Monitoring of Your Calls Telecommunication

September 28th, 2017 / Reza Mousavi
Call Accounting

Small business owners sometimes have great ideas in which money plays a big role to develop them. And these owners will be under real financial pressure till their ideas reach productivity. As your business starts growing, by referring to the newspapers’ necessary costs, you begin to recognize Call Management as a valuable tool.

The costs of telecom calls between the employees and the customers need to be managed. Otherwise, they will go out of control. Bear in mind that manual management cannot be a suitable solution. Since it reduces the business…

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