Announcing PBXDOM Cloud Reporting Service for major PBX and Call center

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Finally, we could launch PBXDOM service after months of effort. Since two years ago when the idea of PBXDOM came to my mind, until today when we are ready to formally provide services, all were new experiences for me. I am so glad with working remotely with team members, new technical experiences and hundreds of other things that I learned from all these.

Basecamp helped us greatly in management and furtherance of project goals, and without Basecamp, we could not really be in touch as we were far from each other.In the last few months, the customers who used our services were all somehow in contact with me or our team members.We charged some of them for our services but did not charge others.
I hope we can cope with new customers and new challenges.Well, given that this is the first blog post by our company, I would rather give you a brief explanation of the service.

Below is the introduction of PBXDOM in one statement:
Cloud Reporting Service for major PBX and Call center

But how do you do it?

Our service has a collector software whose function is to collect data from your PBX or call center. At the moment we only support Panasonic PBX. At Panasonic PBX, the information is received through both serial RS232 port and LAN network.
All you should do is to install the collector software on a computer with Windows operating system. Then, choose the type of your connection with Panasonic device in settings. If you use cable and computer com port, you should choose com port and then the connection speed, and finally click on “Connect”.
If you do everything correctly, the information sent by Panasonic PBX system should appear on the page. If you want to connect to Panasonic PBX through network which is usually available on the new versions of Panasonic TDA series, you should enter the ip address, username and SMDR password. After the connection is made, your part is finished.

The collector software is activated as Windows Service, and receives the information from your Panasonic automatically. It then sends them to PBXDOM servers at specific intervals. After the collector is launched, you can see your reports and dashboards in PBXDOM in 5 minutes. We plan to support most PBX devices. So, if your PBX device is not Panasonic, do not hesitate to contact us. We will support your PBX within 2 days.

At present, PBXDOM service uses the strong infrastructures of Amazon Webservices, and the service architecture is in a way that it can automatically increase the processing power and service provision at high number of customers. We are currently making available the service free of charge to any interested company for a 30-day trial. If you have a PBX or call center that we do not support and want to use PBXDOM , we have a special offer for you, that is 6 months use of services free of charge to help us develop PBXDOM.


My major concern these days is to develop and market PBXDOM . I hope we can satisfy more customers.
We have many programs to support a great number of well-known pbx and call center systems, but none is possible unless with the support of service customers support who encourage me and the rest of the team members.

In the hope of better tomorrow