How PBXDom works?

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This is a question from many of our customers. They are confused about processing the huge amount of logs from their PBX and call center. Some of our customers have more than 20000 calls per day. I want to share some details about our service, which shed some light on what we do.

The PBXDom collector collects log files from your PBX & call center; it does this in real-time and saves the data into a file locally.

Based on your current plan, the collector compresses the log files and checks their integrity before uploading them to our server.

Because our backend systems are based on Amazon Web Services, we do not have any limit to receive log files from our customers. If our customer increases in one day by a factor of 10, our service to customers with not be affected and will continue to function without any problems.

We have 3 clusters of servers on AWS:

Log Processor Worker:
The server in this clustering process receives call logs from each customer and inserts them into our database by calling our backend API.

In this cluster, we always have at least two servers in service, our infrastructure is designed to automatically increase the number of online servers in the cluster when our users increase, and once the peak period has passed, the system will return to its original state of just to an online server. This means that, for example, on the weekend, we have two servers in service in this cluster, and on the business day, we have more than 2, sometimes up to 10 servers.

API Server:
The server in this cluster serves our API to frontend web App and Log processor, worker. Currently, we do not have a public API, but we will release one very soon. Servers in this cluster have the same design as workers and can increase or decrease capacity based on the request.

Frontend and Website:
The server in this cluster serves static and dynamic files to our customers. Our web app is hosted on Amazon S3 bucket and our website running on WordPress, and our blog running with a ghost.

Front Line:
We have the front line for speed optimization and security issue. We use brilliant WAF and strong firewall service based on AWS. All of our services are covered by CloudFront, one of the biggest CDNs in the world.

All your data are securely stored on AWS, and no one can access it. Each time you log in to our service PBXDom automatically generates a token for you, which is only valid until your session is closed.

All requests from your browser are sent to our server using this token, and if it’s not valid, we reject the request. All your requests are sent to our server in HTTPS protocol, and this means no one between you and our server can access your data.

Using all the above, we can ensure that you can see your call activity in under 5 minutes in your dashboard.

We work hard to get more customer satisfaction and work on your feedback.
Please send your feature requests and comments to us, and we promise we will read every message you send to us and build your comments into our roadmap.