How to connect Panasonic PBX systems to the PC via LAN port?

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How to connect Panasonic PBX systems to the PC via LAN port?

You can connect your Panasonic PBX via LAN Port to Call Accounting Panasonic PBX collector software installed on the computer. If your PBX one of the following models :

PBX Settings

Step 1- Go to Maintenance – Main.
Step 2- Set Port to LAN.
Step 3- Under Print Information, select which items you would like to display in the SMDR Printout.
Step 4- Date format: MM-DD-YY.
Step 5- Time format: 24H.


Step 6- Click on the SMDR Options tab.
Step 7- Note the default SMDR Port Number and Password.


Step 8- Configure collector software user and password and IP address.
By default, the Panasonic system requires a username/password (default: SMDR/PCCSMDR)

Panasonic NS Series SMDR settings

1-Login to your web maintenance console.
2-Go to the 11-Maintenance section and click on main.

3-Make sure the following settings are correct:
Type => to A or C. Make sure you have the same settings on the PBXDom side.
Outgoing Call => Print
Incoming Call => Print
Intercom Call => Print

4-Go to the SMDR options tab.

5-Make sure about the SMDR port number and SMDR password.
Default SMDR port number is 2300
Default SMDR password is PCCSMDR


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