Abandon Calls Count Widget, PBXDOM cdr records service

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One of the most important widgets in the PBXDom service is the Abandon calls count widgets. These widgets indicate the unanswered calls of your company, and when this figure is high, it indicates the lack of satisfaction of your customers who call your company. The company director or manager of each unit
should always try to keep this figure close to zero.

The time range can be chosen. For example, you can select the current month dynamically by selecting the date. Then add another widget of the same type to your dashboard and choose last month by dynamically choosing the date. In this case, you can compare at a glance that whether you have progressed at any

moment of the day and any day of the current month compared to the previous month or not.

If you have the Enterprise plan, you can filter this widget based on the data of any organizational unit like your sales department.