Best 6 Ways to Reduce Expenses with Call Accounting Software

2 min read

Many managers may be wondering how they can reduce call expenses in each department or the entire company.

But actually, they don’t know how to really do it?

No matter which industry you are in, following our recommendations can help you reduce your company’s telephone expenses by utilizing our call accounting service.

1- Identify your most expensive calls/person/department.
We have many reports and widgets in PBXDom that can help you identify which extension or department makes more calls and swells your telephone bills.

2-Identify Unused trunk in your phone system and eliminate unnecessary monthly charges.
PBXDom can also help you reduce expenses by finding the unused trunk and unsubscribe to reduce your expenses.

3-Determine the ‘Most Frequently Dialed’ numbers and the employees making them.
If you know which numbers are dialed by your employees, maybe you can find a better solution to lower your costs and make better decisions.

4-Improve Sales / Marketing / Customer Service / Call Center Areas.
If you know the pattern of usages of your phone system in your entire company and each department, you can make better decisions to arrange the time, call policy, SLA, etc… and all of these items help you reduce expenses.

5-Focus the number of calls routed from your phone system to other offices.
Sometimes if you make a trunk between your office is very beneficial because the WAN connection between the company office is expensive; you can make better decisions with your actual information from your phone system.

6-Find and Drop premium lines services such as 411 or 555-1212.
You can easily find which employee makes calls to these numbers and block them from your business phone system to reduce your company expense.

The above are just a few ways that PBXDom can help your organization to reduce expenses,

Please try today and reduce your expense.