Better Management of Sales Department by Call Management and Analysis Service

Sales Management
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For managing the sales department better, a manager needs accurate information of the process of the works performed. As a manager, you need to know how the works are progressing and whether or not your efforts are moving you toward your purposes.

One of the essential things in the sales department of all companies is the status of calls. Companies invest a lot in advertising on media and magazines. As a result of this investment, your company receives calls from customers interested in learning more about your product and services.

For example, let’s imagine that you’re determined to advertise in a newspaper as part of your marketing campaign. Now let’s say that for publishing your ad for only one day, you pay $5000.

Assuming that you receive 50 calls due to that advertisement, then dividing 5000 USD by 50 equals $100, which means that worth of each call received by your company is $100.

Now the questions become:

  • How do you want to ensure that the advertisement investments you made were not wasted?
  • Were all the 50 calls received by your company answered effectively?
  • Did you have an adequate number of staff for answering the received calls?
  • Do you know the exact days on which you receive a greater number of calls?
  • Do you know the hours at which you receive most of your calls along the day?

Call management

Your answer to all the questions above might be ‘Yes.’ Perhaps, your secretary is responsible for keeping track of every single incoming call in an Excel document so that you become able to make your assessments.

Using Excel for managing and analyzing your calls is very similar to how this program is used for your company’s accounting needs.

Why don’t you tend to use Microsoft Excel for accounting purposes of your company?

The answer is obvious because your favorite accounting program provides you with some varied reports and has some other great features, which you don’t have any in MS Excel.

Therefore, your main reason for using call management and analysis service can be this. We have built a tool that enables you to easily monitor the status of the calls in your company’s sales department. You no longer need to keep track of your calls in traditional ways.

All you need is to create a dashboard and then filling it with different important widgets. When you get to work, you need to open up the dashboard and start evaluating it.

I’m sure that you are interested to know the answers to all the following questions:

How many calls were answered by each of your sales reps?

How many calls were made by each of your salespeople to your customers?

Which calls were the longest calls of the sales department, and with which clients?

Which calls were the most costly ones, and did they really worth investing that much time and effort to make those calls?

Which of the customers rank among the top callers?

Which customers were given calls the most by the sales department?

And heaps of other questions that may vary among different businesses.

So far, we have talked about the endless number of the advantages of a call management and analysis service and its basic applications in the sales department of the companies. What are the other possibilities?

Receive missed call alert

One of the recent surveys from our customers shows that alerting feature is one of the most widely used features of a call management and analysis service.

We already know that sales managers of the companies can be dealing with thousands of tasks and responsibilities. What about the days you are spending in meeting sessions and not able to be behind your desk? What will be your solution for such days?

All that is important is defining the most important parameters in answering your calls. Just assume that one of the significant parameters is not to have any missed calls in the sales department.

You can easily create an alert for abandoned or missed calls in the Alerts section for the sales department.

After creating and defining an alert, call management and analysis service will send you an email or SMS whenever a call is abandoned or missed.

An alert can look like this:

You have a missed call from phone number 800-401-6635 with the extension number of 1006 at 14:45 on 2017-05-26.

Another example can be about some of your special clients. You might be interested in making sure that you are providing your special customers with the best services. Are you interested in getting notified when a special customer calls your company?

All of this is possible with alerting features of our service. Not only can you set the platform to send you an alert, but also to your company’s vice president or any other person you define.

As the last example, you help your sales experts better manage their tasks and duties by using our service. You can easily determine to automatically send alerts via email or SMS to the related persons in the Alerts section.