Call accounting and employee productivity

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To figure out the best way for accounting the employee productivity is tricky. Can employee productivity be increased by a mere motivational speech? Can they work more efficiently just when the boss announces some incentive plan? Maybe these strategies could work but call accounting has been globally accepted by many companies to determine how efficiently their employees work.
Nowadays, smartphones, tablets, and social media have brought the world completely into their control. People use them throughout the day, and during their job hours, due to which many tasks remain unfinished, many important files that need the employee’s attention remain decaying. We can’t deny their usefulness as well, but at the same time, they are the biggest cause of human distraction. With every Facebook notification, every tweet, on every single call, the employee’s attention diverts to some other place, and there remains an unfinished task, missed deadline, and wastage of potential financial resources. So due to all these reasons, organizations are scrambling to develop some strategic plans to ensure 100% potential productivity of their employees. In this regard, our software can be the best method to track employee activity, leading to improved productivity.

Call-Time summary:
Our Service tracks the complete data and call summaries of a particular user. It can record call timings, ring-time details, and daily or weekly data to estimate the alertness of a particular employee when he was attending the calls. It can also track the details of abandoned calls and helps the employee to re-establish the communication again with the customers.
PBXDom can help the management staff to take into account the complete activity of the department. If the abandoned call rate is higher, then it’s the manager’s responsibility to check whether the staff in the particular department is low or if calls are transferring elsewhere.

Call-summary and hour report:
Call summary handling and hour report are designed to estimate employee productivity quite efficiently. It shows the complete data of a person’s call activity during the period of 24 hours. It displays the number of calls a person has attended and the average duration of each call. This report is designed to monitor the employee activity throughout the day and take into account the peak hours of high activity times. It can be operated by the users and at the corporate level to estimate the need for more staff induction, managing shifts, and many other operational activities.

Transferred call reports:
Transferred calls reports track all the details of calls that are transferred from one extension to another. This is particularly useful in business organizations where customers are waiting on holding calls for their turn to purchase or inquire about the specific product.

Call Volume by the organization:
Call volume reports are specifically important to detect misuse, abuse, fraud, and traffic analysis and consider service efficiency.

PBXDom Calls Reports:
The reporting system that PBXDom offers is another effective way to determine the level of departmental productivity. It provides a larger number of reports based on facts that the managers can use to see if their employees are working efficiently or not.
This report can:
• Detect cold calls made by the salesman.
• Estimate the time of each call made with the customers.
• Protect against fines associated with ‘Do Not Call’ lists.
• Identify ‘most frequently dialed’ numbers; this easily distinguishes between personal numbers and business-related numbers.
• Determine which employee needs further training by detecting the number of long calls made by that employee.
• Measure the success of Advertising Campaigns.