Concurrent Calls Analysis Widgets Help Become More Responsive

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Does your business, company, or organization receive and make a massive number of calls on the daily basis?

And despite the fact that you and your staff are always putting your whole 100% energy to keep up, no positive change has been made regards to your responsiveness, and still, you have very stressful and challenging moments to deal with.

This can even lead to increased number of unsatisfied customers, which can be considered as an alarming status for your business or company.



If your concerns match mine, then go ahead and say hello to:


  1. Concurrent Calls – Seconds Resolution
  2. Concurrent Calls – Minutes Resolution
  3. Concurrent Calls – Hours Resolutions


I bet that by the end of this, you’ll find these tools extremely analytical and useful. And if you’re a big company or enterprise with a great budget fueling your engines to be what you are now, then you’ll definitely find these widgets smart to be handy.

By adding any of the three Concurrent Calls widgets, you can find the number of concurrent calls based on seconds, minutes, and hours within the specified time range for the widget, using nice clean visual graphs which tell us a lot of stories.

One of the important things that you’ll become to discover from these widgets are the busiest hours in your company, also known as peak hours.




Hopefully, now they are identifiable by using one of the concurrent calls widgets.

Not all of the companies and organizations have an adequate number of employees in their call centers or Help and Support teams. I’d rather calling peak hours as the craziest time for a company to handle.

After finding out about the busiest hours, then you as a manager can apply some intelligent policies to address these hours.

For example, by referring to one of the Concurrent Calls – Hours Resolution, you can easily find out about those hours—depending on the type of services your business or company is offering—you can ask your team of employees even from other departments and groups to back up your call center or Help and Support team.

Or by taking advantage of Concurrent Calls – Minutes/Seconds Resolution, you can dig deeper and evaluate your landline or employee needs. Perhaps, employing more staff and landlines are inevitable.

Just stick this in mind that, neglecting the truth and need of to hiring more staff and adding more landlines for answering your calls, can be so risky for the future of your reputation and number of unsatisfied customers you will have.

Depending on the type your business and your target customers, becoming visible and identified is not a cheap and easy process. Sometimes it requires a huge amount of investment and a long period of time to work out.

My point is that considering your product or services quality, hopefully, they will become recognized and reputed to your target clients sooner or later.

But what if your whole complex runs the risk of becoming known for its poor products, services, responsiveness and whatever? Just consider it the most terrible disaster that you could ever go through!

All being said, take your calls information management to the next level by taking advantage of Concurrent Calls widgets for the favors they’ll do us.

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