Extensions Summary Report

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The extension summary report gives you a quick summary of calls handled by your PBX extensions. You can use this report to find out which of your extension is getting the most calls, which is handling calls quicker and better. You can find the following data in the extension summary report:

Extension: Extension Number
Extension Name: Extension Name
Incoming: Total Incoming Calls received by the extension
Outgoing: Total Outgoing Calls made by extension
Total: Total Calls for extension
Duration: Total Talk Time for extension
Cost: Total Cost for extension

You can filter by:

The start date can be a fixed date like 2015-01-01 or in strict mode as a dynamic date.
To: the end date that can have all settings related to the “From” item.

Group: You can choose your desired group to filter the data. This is very useful for dashboards related to the performance of different departments of the company.
For example, you can view sales department call summaries, service, and customer affairs department in separate widgets and even compare them to those of the past days.

Site/Location: You can choose your PBX in each of your organization locations.

Information can always help us develop our business. The mission of PBXDOM service is primarily to help small and medium businesses grow. Managers of companies and departments can make appropriate decisions to enhance the quality of responding to the clients by having the correct information on the company’s phone calls. Also, the call cost management and no improper use of the organizations’ resources are other benefits of having correct information about the situation of your company calls.

We hope that the PBXDOM service can help you in the way of success. We would be glad to have your feedback and create a better service for you with your help.