How call accounting software can help you to find better marketing effectiveness?

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Telemanagement is often a sticky subject when it comes to customer service. Managing your company phone activity and performing regular audits can be helpful for both training and ongoing customer service concerns, however. The problem with the Telemanagement process is that it takes time; luckily, with the services of PBXdom, it’s possible to get regular call reporting, call accounting, and statistics about every department in your company and their customer service capabilities.

With the help of the PBXDom cloud, you can receive access to a massive amount of data about every telephone call made by your company. PBXdom has reported and provided analytic services for well over 25 million calls and uploads data directly to a client/server with 256-bit encryption. As well as monitor every call that made the Internet of your company, it’s possible to improve your customer service and call services just as you would inspect the analytics on a web page.

With the help of the analytic data provided by PBXdom, a business owner can get access to chart reporting by department, by the individual, and more. Real-time reporting dashboards can generate reports in just a few seconds, and you get unlimited access to all of the data collected by the software. All of the call reporting is done behind the scenes and with minimal integration to your current system.

With the help of this report, you can see some of the most active departments of your company, the number of calls that are abandoned or customers that hang up on your operators, the best call durations for sales, and more. Any major business system that utilizes funds for customer service or sales can benefit from this system for improving its overall customer service capabilities.