How Clients Contribution Could Benefit a Business Like PBXDom Call Accounting

3 min read

The very first initial Beta version of PBXDom was launched in February 2014, with only 6 widgets and a bunch of few reports along with some essential settings and so on.

Now up until this point and time, this cloud-based application has successfully developed something over 60 varied and useful widgets, dozens of reports and charts, along with a wealth of new features and capabilities.

If we pause for a second and start comparing 6 widgets to 60 widgets, then we can simply realize how PBXDom determined team is constantly working to fulfill the needs of the clients and keep up with the pace of phone system industry.



Good to know that all of these improvements were made over the last three years and more. As simple as it might sound, but I have to let you know that it’s never been.

Here, I’d like to unveil one of the secrets of such a  great progress which has played a great important role to make PBXDom a better experience. And that secret is, ‘Taking full advantage of the client’s suggestions, feedbacks, and even questions.’

Along with other tools which are used to study PBXDom clients behavior, our pool of received suggestions, feedbacks, and questions is still one of the main resources for our team to find and aim the right targets. But how?

The answer is pretty simple. PBXDom’s customers are the end users of this application. Along the way, they’ll discover their actual needs, our platform functionality gaps and issues likewise most of the other applications out there, then they share their ideas with us. And as we have become experts at making use of information, we start collecting, processing and organizing, and even further developing this information.



It might be interesting to know that at PBXDom, we have a long list of all the recorded ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and more. None of the suggestions, ideas, and feedbacks that could result in improving our products are neglected and are valued equally to be included in our list.

This means it doesn’t matter how strong, constructive, or poor an idea is. It’s all the matter of time to determine that.

When a customer approaches us and lets us know about an issue to be resolved, or even comes up with a new idea, we took note of that and rate it on our list. As we receive more and more suggestions and feedbacks, we update the rates and as soon as they get the defined rates, we begin developing and promoting them. With the exception of the problems and issues which are the highest priority for us.


As simple as it really sounds, we have developed a great part of PBXDom platform over the last three years. This progress is quite satisfying for us up until this point.


Our clients’ help and assistance—in form of suggestions and feedbacks—have helped PBXDom team to define a 10-year roadmap, with a lot of surprises still come in the near future.



I’m feeling so excited to also let you know that PBXDom is in communication with a wide range of businesses, companies with the purpose of figuring out the needs of the industry and discover about other possibilities.


It’s such a great feeling to be confident that we are on the right track and none of the efforts we are putting is neither any risk nor backward movement. Hopefully, on PBXDom we will always have some new challenges to resolve and deal with, which help us enhance and develop our business.


So next time you have something to share with us, I’d encourage you not to underestimate its possible great impact on PBXDom improvement. Sooner or later, your idea will come to life!


As always, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your ideas now.