PBXDom Call Accounting Widgets Can Be Date-Dynamic

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I recently got SHOCKED after noticing how some of our customers use our platform somehow. For that, now I’m interested in dragging your attention to something which you may or may NOT yet know about. A hidden secret, believe it or not!

Please don’t worry! You can be one of those customers too, which is not a big deal.  Actually, it’s our job at PBXDom to educate our clients about our product.

By the end of this article, some of you will probably give me the title of a ‘Survivor,’ and I’ll happily take it!

Or maybe you’re thinking that I’m just overemphasizing it?

Well, I don’t know! Perhaps, what you’re saying is right, but I bet that you might have made the same mistake I’m going to tell you about in a moment, at least once throughout your journey of using PBXDom. Or, who knows?… you might be still making that mistake without being aware of it yet.


Even though the PBXDom team is providing Call Management and Analysis services to its clients for monitoring and analyzing purposes, not very surprisingly, like other businesses, the PBXDom team also uses some of the other analytical tools online to study the clients’ behavior when they are using the application. I was recently told about a very shocking fact that eventually motivated me to put all of this together.


Throughout the studies we had, we noticed that most of our customers are not aware of such a thing as the Dynamic Mode check box when they add their widgets to their dashboards in the first place.


Working with PBXDom is pretty simple—a child’s play, actually!


I presume that you have the experience of creating a dashboard and starting filling it with a few widgets to show you the metrics you’re looking for. After clicking on the Add Widget button, a pop-up window appears on the screen so that you can set up the widget.

PBXDom Call Analysis


As you may know, for each widget, we should define a time range or choose one of the predefined ones like Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, and so on. Using this capability inside the Add Widget window, we limit the information displayed on the window to a certain time range that really matters to us.

Call Accounting Dashboard


Here is the point where I want to drag the Dynamic Mode from the shadow and expose it to the sunlight so that everybody gets familiar with it.


What is Dynamic Mode?

When I add a widget to a dashboard, I can either have a static time range or a dynamic range that changes automatically as the date changes. Sounds interesting!


Think for a few seconds that the date of today is July 15. Now, I’m interested in adding a widget to show me the last incoming calls over the last week. Then I need to set the time range starting from July 9 to July 15.

Call Monitoring Software

The added widget will show me the last incoming calls over the last week up until today as July 15. This time range is known as the static range, which means that if I do not update the range manually, it will always show me the information from July 9 to July 15 because that’s how I defined the date range in the first place!


Meaning that if I launch the PBXDom two weeks later, and take a glimpse of the widget, then it will still show me the information from July 9 to July 15, which requires me to redefine the range again and take it back to the very immediate last week.


As another example, I may set the time range to Today for many widgets, and then I get up the next morning and see that the information is shown to me is actually from yesterday but not the current day. Then I start updating the ranges for every single widget so that they show me the right information.


This approach can be very frustrating over time!


Instead, let’s use the Dynamic Mode check box to keep our widgets’ time range up-to-date with the pace of time.


All it takes is checking the Dynamic Mode after you specify your time range. Then rely on PBXDom to do the rest for you.


Now that you read through this, we are no longer concerned that you ever get frustrated while using PBXDom. At PBXDom, one of our purposes is to make sure that our customers use our product as smoothly as possible in no time. Time really matters.


Next time you create a widget, if needed, do yourself a big favor and check the Dynamic Mode.


Please feel free to contact us via email, live chat, and even at our number. We’ll be so glad to hear from you!