PBXDom Call Analytics, iOS and Android app update

PBXDom Call Analytics, iOS and Android app update
Reza Mousavi
Reza Mousavi
2 min read

In May, we released a new version of the PBXDom web application. We’ve worked hard to update both iOS and Android apps for our mobile users.
Today, we released a new version of our new mobile app on both platforms, with the same features available on the desktop version. The new mobile version is available for both smartphones and tablets.

We want to tell you all about the exciting new features now available on the mobile app.

  • From the home screen, you can now access all your dashboards easily. Also, you now have access to your recent and favorite dashboards. Also, you can create a new dashboard, duplicate and copy a dashboard, all from the home screen.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you use – be it a small or a bigger-sized device like the iPhone 11 Max Pro – the dashboard is customized for a wide range of devices. It is designed to be easily navigable by touch on your phone or tablet. You also have more control over features like themes and refresh time, which lets you customize your dashboard as you like.
  • Report and charts are available faster and are more customizable. You can easily change the filter applied to your report or chart. What’s more, you now have easy access to your favorite reports with the bookmark feature.
  • We also included a new export feature that lets you export reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV. You can also easily share the file with your colleagues or import it to other software or systems.
  • We significantly improved the app’s speed for both platforms, giving you an improved experience in the dashboard and report sections.
  • Thanks to the novel technology we built on, your mobile apps are always up-to-date without the need to update. This means our mobile apps will update internally without connecting to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • We’ve included tons of features we’re sure you’ll love. You can find the full details on the new features on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We always actively listen to your valuable suggestions and requests. Please install and update your mobile app and tell us what you think so we can keep offering you the best experience.