Do You Remember the Last Time You Analyzed All Your Calls?

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If your company has a limited budget likewise most of the other companies, then this means that you do not have the needed budget to be able to record the calls details. Whereas, the information on the calls traffic reports is based on the real data. Plus, by using this information you can find out about the peak hours and traffic patterns in your company. These reports offer you the best and the most comprehensive information on your calls.

For those who were not able to keep records of their calls’ details, it does not mean that they could not have access to the information.

Considering every company’s bandwidth and their needs, calls can be managed by using a Call Management Software at any time it’s needed.


By using a smart Call Management System of Call Analytics, you can analyze all the calls more practically and professionally.

You can define several numbers of certain purposes for your project and the smart Call Management System, after detection and categorization, starts generating reports to meet the defined criteria. Then it provides you with a list of analyses and suggests you how you can make use of this information to promote your business. You will have access to the reports and information anytime along the progress of the project.

As a result, and with the help of a platform, you will be provided with the most current telecom peak hours traffic, which you can use to have the opportunity of optimization. For example, this information might completely change methods of answering the calls, as opposed to reducing the calls costs.

Additionally, this information might probably change the network programming or bandwidth calculations. General application of call management processes can also result in cutting the costs dramatically. You will have a more comprehensive insight into the real data. It may even result in the return of investment and more savings.


PBXDom Call Dashboard

The best way to make better telecom-related strategic decisions is to have access to the whole data

Calls managing is the huge process of only identified data, but what about the unidentified data?


A smart Call Management System can make intelligent decisions for you, by having access to the required data

There is no need to put a lot of time on planning a long-term program anymore. While using a Call Management Software, you will notice an infinite, inevitable tendency toward it.