What is call center analytics?

Rez Moss
Rez Moss
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If you are managing a call center, it is important to pay more attention to call center analytics. This is the process that you follow to analyze customer data with the objective of uncovering valuable analytics related to the performance of the call center. During the analytics, you will be taking a look at customer satisfaction, service level agreements, and the customer effort score. Here are some of the most prominent call center analytics that you will need to keep in your mind.

Abandon Calls Ratio in Call Accounting Software

Average call abandonment rate

Every call that comes to your call center matters. Hence, you need to take appropriate measures to answer all the calls coming on your way. This is why you should be taking a look at the call abandonment rate along with time. This is where you can clearly see the number of callers who hang up before the moment they reach the agent. If this is happening, your customers are often facing disappointments. That’s where you should think about increasing the number of resources that you have in the call center.

Average time in queue

Your customers would prefer to get connected to an agent as soon as they call the call center. This is where you should be taking a look at the average time that the callers will have to spend in the queue. You should try to minimize the number of seconds or minutes that the callers will have to spend in the queue as much as possible. When a limited number of callers are stuck in the queue, you will be able to deliver a better experience to all the callers.


Average call handle time

The staff or agents working at the call center should be knowledgeable to deliver effective solutions to the customers. In fact, people who call the call center prefer to receive solutions then and there. This is where you will need to take a look at the average call handle time. If an agent is taking a long time to provide answers to the customers, you will need to understand that agent is not equipped with knowledge. This is why you should be providing proper training to the call center staff so that they will be equipped with the knowledge to cater to the needs of the customers.

First, call resolutions

The call center staff should be in a position to provide a solution to the callers on their own in the very first instance. This will help you to deliver a satisfactory experience to the callers. You can call this another important call center matrix. You will be able to track the total percentage of calls where the agent is addressing issues of the callers, without escalating, transferring, or even returning the calls.



SLA, or the Service Level Agreement refers to the time you take to deliver a solution to the customers. You will also need to keep this in your mind when you are providing solutions to the customers. If you have defined an SLA, you should try your best not to breach that. You will be making a promise to the callers that a solution will be provided within the SLA. Hence, it is important to ensure that you adhere to the SLA and deliver solutions as needed.

These are some of the most important call center analytics that you should be tracking. It is important for you to take a look at these analytics regularly with the help of the right software, and deliver a better experience to the people who call your call center.