Why Call Management Software

Call Management Software Dashboard
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Well, because you are in business and alive,
Since call information is the most valuable data that allows you to learn about business, every business needs to monitor their call activity carefully.

1-You want call management software because you need to Reduce the Expenses of telecom.
Corporations are always looking for ways to minimize costs and maximize profit. Thousands of companies use PBXDom’s numerous features to help them trim costs and save money!

2-You want call management software because you need to perform Voice Traffic Analysis.
Gaining greater insight into the voice platform to improve overall operational efficiency is a constant
struggle for voice managers. Daily, voice managers have to perform a myriad of tasks – maintain personnel changes,

Deal with multi­vendor/multi­systems, employee abuse/misuse, and voice usage irregularities, to name a few.

Without a proper way to manage voice communications, expenses can escalate very rapidly.

PBXDom makes it easy for managers to quickly perform searches on-call data and create several
custom reports to inform the authorities of any suspicious calling patterns and/or system inefficiencies.

3-You want call management software because you need Emergency 911 Alerts
Employees can be located literally anywhere in the world, thus making it difficult to identify an Emergency 911 Caller location. PBXDom instantly notifies managers/security when an Emergency 911 call is placed and contains identifiers (name, extension, address, building, floor, room, etc.). This allows emergency crews to easily locate the caller and dispatch help as quickly as possible.

4-You want call management software because you need Call Accounting
A majority of companies charge calls with PBXDom by importing their negotiated long-distance rates.

Companies can also charge calls by choosing rates from a list of long-distance carriers, use fixed costs per minute, trunk group costing, message unit costing, banded costing, fixed costs per call, on­network /off­network costing, and much more.

5-You want call management software because you need Toll Fraud Notification
No matter how secure your voice platform might be, the possibility of toll fraud, abuse, and employee misuse still exists. PBXDom allows users to easily configure an unlimited number of alarms to instantly alert managers of potential toll fraud and internal abuse.

6-You want call management software because you need Employee Productivity.
With most organizations, payroll is one of the largest expenses, and small increases in employee
productivity can result in higher cost savings. PBXDom provides numerous reports with hard facts that
managers can use to ensure their employees are as productive as possible.

Having said that, I want to share with you a widget that should come in handy when you use PBXDom call management & analytics service.


Call Summary Widget
This widget contains a whole lot of valuable information, as stated below:

Total calls,
Abandoned calls,
Incoming calls,
Outgoing calls,
Max duration incoming call,
Max duration outgoing call,
First, call date and time,
Last call date and time,
Last data received from your PBX,
Last Data record date and time


Abandon call gauge
The image above shows a visually appealing gauge that can give you an account of your abandoned calls in your company.


Call Traffic Widget
Information about the traffic of calls today or the date range of your choice (from widget settings) can be viewed.
This enables you to easily determine the peak time of your incoming or outgoing calls and make a more informed decision about your calls.

Call Abandon percentage-Call-Management-Software

Call Abandon Percentage
Furthermore, the percentage of your abandoned calls from the total of your incoming calls can be instantly computed and presented to you for analysis. It is recommended you keep this number near zero at all times if you thrive on satisfying your customers.

Finally, more than 50 such helpful widgets are available in PBXDom. You are free to make whatever amount of dashboards you want and add your widgets to each of them. These dashboards can easily be shared with the rest of the team via links.

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