Why We Love Call Accounting (And You Should, Too!)

2 min read

Every industry has its inherent challenges. The call center industry is no different. There are many problems typical in any business, and there are some niche-centric issues. For any business to succeed, employee productivity is one of the quintessential elements. Telemanagement is the approach to ensure optimum employee productivity, if not better.

Using call accounting software can help a manager or a team leader of a call center. Through that, the senior management to monitor employee productivity, identify concerning issues, work on the areas that can be improved, and improve overall employee productivity.

Here’s how a call accounting software can make a difference.

Call accounting software will help you with call reporting. All calls made and received will be recorded, and all the data would be assessed to form a factual analysis. Manual dialing doesn’t offer much insight unless one checks the itemized bills. Even then, there is almost no record of what went on in the call. That is unless all the phones are integrated with recording software. Automated or predictive dialers generate reports with all relevant data, but there is no analytical approach to decipher the reports. Call reporting is not just about documenting the various factorials of calls made. Call reporting needs to be assessed as well. That’s what call accounting or call auditing is all about. While your in-house compliance assurance team or quality control department can work on the veracity of the calls, let the call accounting software do the data crunching to get you facts that can help you understand employee productivity.

Let us talk about a few specific aspects of Telemanagement and how the call accounting software can help you. From call drops to no answer, hang-ups to answering machines, you need to know when and where you are getting certain responses. There will always be trends. You need to know these trends to avoid dialing those numbers or to those places at specific times when you wouldn’t get the best response. This is a part of lead management, but it is also integral to employee productivity. Team leaders and work with database managers help the telemarketers make the most of every call they make.

Call accounting software will help you to assess the effective call time of every telesales or customer service executive. From measuring customer satisfaction levels to checking the average resolution time of every caller, you can get immense help.

From limiting and averting abuse of call time or calls to assessing the performance of every employee, the call accounting software can change the way a call center strategizes its operation.