Call Abandonment Rate: Reduce Plans and Strategies – Part Three

April 1st, 2018
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Call Abandonment Rate:Part Three!

You invest thousands of dollars in marketing your business, and now instead of making your brand and services more popular and widely recognized, you get an inverse result.

Because, probably, a huge number of calls can get abandoned and that’s why.

Managers who spend heaps of dollars to attract clients toward their products and services and grow their business, but due to lack of human and other resources, they fail to handle their referred clients.

In some businesses and activities, there are only a few numbers of major clients that are discovered through the conversations your team will have with them. Being in connection with these clients effectively could greatly guarantee the future of your company’s growth.


Call Abandonment Rate in business

Therefore, it really matters to be highly accessible and responsive to these customers.

Although, you and your team of employees must always do your best to keep all of the customers satisfied. Because these customers, later on, will share their experience with others and this is considered as a big risk.

Being effectively responsive ensures the clients to some levels that they are receiving high-quality services and project a good image of who you are as a whole.

Like I made a tiny hint above, two of the main reasons for having high abandonment rate and a number of dissatisfied clients in companies are the inadequacy of human resources and a low number of landlines/Trunks being used in your help desks, sales, and marketing department, and call centers.

Simply put, inadequacy implies both low in quantity and quality. A low number of employees, as well as incapable ones,  can lead to poor performance and high call abandonment rate.

So this is important to make sure that you have an adequate number of landlines and trained employees in your help desks and call centers.


Call Abandonment Rate call center

PBXDom service offers you some widgets which enable you to find out about your human and landline resources. These tools can show some valuable information which helps you better understand your needs.

If you already have a PBXDom account, then you’re familiar with Abandoned Calls Percent widget, which measures your call abandonment rate in your company by dividing the number of abandoned calls by the total number of the received calls.

There are also lots of other widgets like Call Summary, Abandoned Calls Count, Abandoned Calls Gauge which you can use to know about your call abandonment rate status during the day, week, month or so on.

However, one of the greatest tools which you can use to learn about your actual human resources and landline needs is Trunk Utilization widget on PBXDom.


Trunk Utilization PBX

This widget shows the total number of incoming, outgoing, and abandoned calls of each landline using a bar chart. This widget consists of two vertical and horizontal axes.

By simply adding this widget to one of your dashboards, you can check to see how busy your landlines/Trunks are, so you become more determined to add more landlines and hire, train, and assign more employees. Such a very useful widget!

On the other hand, you’ve also got Concurrent Calls – Seconds/Minutes/Hours Resolution pack of widgets which are so amazing. These widgets show you all the concurrent calls based on the seconds, minutes, and hours.


Concurrent calls

By using Concurrent Calls widget, not only you can find out the busiest hours in your company or organization, you can also evaluate your landline needs in your company, and if necessary, decide to increase up your landlines and human resources.


The last but not the least widgets that I’d like to recommend you to consider are the good old Call Traffic and Call Traffic by Days widgets.


Call Traffic Chart

Although I personally think that Trunk Utilization offers the best visualization for assessing resources needs, at the same time, you can check the periodical patterns of calls by taking advantage of widgets like Call Traffic and Call Traffic by Days.

Deciding to add more landlines and hire more staff means extra charges and salaries. So that’s why it’s not easy for most of the managers to come to the final decision. However, on the other hand, call abandonment rate is one of the key important factors which has a close relationship with customer satisfaction. For serious activities and highly competitive and large-scale businesses, it’s too risky to underestimate the harms of abandonment rate and dissatisfied customers.


If your company’s call abandonment rate is way away from the optimal range, then this means that you should evaluate your landline and human resources need ASAP. Widgets introduced above will be so helpful.

But what if the call abandonment rate is very close to the optimal range or falls in between. Then what other tools PBXDom has to offer to maintain the rate within the range.

Fortunately, there are some other great tools for handling conversations on PBXDom which I’m interested to introduce you to in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned!


Now at this point, if you have any questions or suggestions, you’re welcome to tell us about them. We’ll be so glad to hear from you.


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