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Call analytics like you’ve never seen before

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No call data and no insights?

The biggest problem with call analytics that most telecom professionals and department leaders face today is simply not having any. You’re blind to problems, leaks, gaps, misuse, and failures.

Get integrated call analytics that is easy to digest

With PBXDom, you get the insights that you need to maximize resources, meet customer demands, audit departments, troubleshoot customer complaints, and so much more.

Maximize technical resources

Some lines and systems aren’t getting the use they should based on what you’re paying. You might discover a low amount of concurrent calls and be able to reduce the number of needed lines.

Make the most of human resources too

Discover which extensions are busy and which aren’t. Find the amount of time in the day that workers are being utilized so you can handle discrepancies head on.

Discover top reps and call centers

It’s not all bad news. Aside from finding underutilized resources, call analytics can also reveal your top players. For example, learn which locations do the most sales calls.

Audit individual calls and call trends

Customer complaint? Find out who took the call, how long the call lasted, and more.

Also, explore spikes or dips in any sort of activity or metric.

Set, meet, and exceed SLAs

Not only can you make sure you’re living up to company standards, but you can also accurately choose the promises that you make.

Call Analytics, backed by the best features

Customizable to Your Goals

Set up your dashboard based on what you want to know. Choose from 70 unique, informative widgets to learn about customer interactions, department calls, and more.

Plans That Fit Your Needs

Based on the number of dashboards, the amount of historical data storage, and more, you can pick a plan that’s priced right for your organization.

Fast & Frustration-Free Set up

PBXDom is a true cloud-based solution with an easy, 15 minute installation process. After that, users can easily set up dashboards themselves.

Simple Solution That Just Works

It’s not complicated. PBXDom offers real time and historical call analytics in a simple online dashboard that you can access from anywhere and share with your team.

Goodbye Legacy Software

Goodbye, legacy software with old school, single-point systems. PBXDom gives you all of the insights you want in a cloud-based platform that offers direct integrations to your phone systems, call switching software, and pretty much any telecom system you use.

Real Time Call Analytics for Smarter Decisions

Real Time Call Analytics for Smarter Decisions