50 dashboards call accounting

50 Dashboards

You can create up to 50 dashboards on your PBXDom account, and specify separate dashboards for each department, site, or location.

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More Than 60 Widgets

You can add up to 12 widgets to each dashboard. PBXDom has more than 60 widgets. Each widget shows some metrics about your calls in different ways such as tables, numbers, percents, graphs, gauge and real-time widgets for some PBXes.

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60 widgets call monitoring

Real-Time-Extensions-Status call analysis

Real-Time Widgets

You can use extension/phone status, queue, and landline status widgets for real-time monitoring of your PBX and call center. Our real-time widgets are only available for those PBXes with real-time capability.

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More Than 20 Reports

With the help of PBXDom reports, get more detailed information from your calls. PBXDom has more than 20 reports, including Incoming, Outgoing, Abandoned, and Advanced Calls Report. You can use Advanced Calls Report to dig more deeply into your calls data.

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20 reports call accounting

9 charts call analysis

More Than 9 Charts

You can draw as many as 9 different charts on PBXDom, which are based on your calls information. Charts present you a variety of information, including calls type, calls traffic and concurrent calls resolution.

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Departments and Groups Assignment

On PBXDom, you will be able to create departments or groups. You can add the extensions to each department. Also, you can create a dashboard, generate reports and charts for a specific department or group.

departement groups call management

911 instant alerts call analytics

Emergency 911 & Instant Alerts

You can receive 911 or any other emergency call alerts by email, SMS or webhook. PBXDom has alerting features which enable you to create alerts and define several conditions for each of them. When all the conditions for an alert are met one by one, PBXDom sends the alert to your assigned recipients. For example, you can create alerts to address missed calls recorded by your PBX system and receive an alert whenever a call is abandoned by a specific extension.

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Telecom Expense & Call Accounting

You can find out about your incoming or outgoing calls cost, depending on your telecommunication operator. PBXDom allows you to create multiple cost plans. You can easily assign different cost plans for different telecom operators. PBXDom can calculate calls cost by extension, landline, and department.

telecom expense management

dashboard sharing callcenter

Dashboard Sharing

You can create up to 50 dashboards on your PBXDom account and share your dashboards with all groups and people within your organization via the Internet. Shared Dashboards will be automatically updated each time new data is received by them.

Wallboard Features

You can use dashboard sharing features to display your dashboard information on larger screens like a Smart TV. The information on each dashboard will automatically get updated when the new data is received.

wallboard feature call monitoring

voice traffic analysis

Voice Traffic Analysis

You can analyze your voice traffic and determine the needs of your voice networks. PBXDom has many reports, charts and dashboard widgets which help you better understand about your voice network capacity and the resources you need.

Export to Excel, TXT, and PDF

You can export reports to a Microsoft Excel format or a PDF file. You can easily share the exported files to your colleagues and create more customized reports or filters on Microsoft Excel.

export cdr data

automatic refresh dashboard callcenter

Automatic Data Refresh In Less Than 5 Minutes

PBXDom collector software sends data to clouds, and you can access your processed calls information in maximum 5 minutes.

5 Years Data Retention, Unlimited Records

You can always access to your last 5 years call data. PBXDom store all your calls information without any limitation regards to records number. Maybe, you only have 100 calls per day or more than 100K calls. It’s not a big problem for us. We keep track of every single call, and you can have access to it anytime from anywhere.

5 years data retention calls records

unlimited pbx and site/location call accounting

Unlimited PBX/Site Locations

You can connect an unlimited number of PBXes to your PBXDom account. After adding all of your PBXes, you can access their calls information from one unique account. You can generate reports and create a dashboard for one specific site/location. Also, you can create a dashboard for your whole organization and show a summary of all the data from all your PBXes.

Integration With Major Services (Slack, Zapier, …)

You can extend your PBXDom capabilities by integrating with major online services like Slack, Zapier, and even more. For example, by integrating with Slack, you will receive your PBXDom alerts on your Slack channel. And with the help of Zapier, you will be able to connect PBXDom service to over 1000 services and software from Microsoft CRM all the way to Gmail.

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integrations call accounting

email chat support call management

Email and Chat Support

We offer free support by email and website chat service from Monday-Friday, starting at 9 am to 7 pm. Our technical department is welcoming to answer and solve all the of the related issues in regards to PBXDom.

Free Remote Installation

PBXDom offers free remote installation service. Our remote session usually takes 60 minutes. And you can schedule remote installation from your account quickly at your convenience.

free remote installation PBXDom

simple pricing PBXDom

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

PBXDom pricing works very simply. We calculate your plans based on your total number of ports. A total number of ports equals the total number of your extensions/phone plus the total number of your landlines/ trunks. After you calculate your number of ports, you can easily find the best plan which suits your needs. PBXDom pricing is a monthly basis. However, you can also pay annually and receive a one-month free bonus.

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Only 15 Minutes Setup and Installation

PBXDom setup and installation process have a very simple process. If everything on your side is OK, you can setup your PBXDom account in maximum 15 minutes and start creating dashboards as well as generating reports. If you can’t set up your PBX settings, then we offer you a free remote installation service.

15 mins setup call accounting

support major voice platform call accounting

Support the Major Voice platforms

PBXDom delivers seamless virtual reporting compatibility for voice networks made up of all PBX or IP-PBX manufacturers, including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, ShoreTel, Panasonic and even more. Currently, we support more than 160 voice platforms, from more than 15 vendors.

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API Access

If you are willing to integrate PBXDom with your software or any other services, you are not limited. By taking advantage of our RESTFul API, you can develop your software or service.

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call accounting API, call analysis API

no-loss-of-data PBXDom call accounting

No Loss of Data

PBXDom automatically monitors your account, and if for whatever reason it does not receive any data from your PBX, it will send you an email so that you become able to address and resolve the occurred issue.

High Availability and Fast

PBXDom is based and designed on AWS, 100% cloud, and a distributed service. Our servers are located in more than 12 locations on the world. So we are always available, and you can access your data anytime from anywhere.

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high availability cloud base call analysis

agile team PBXDom

Innovative and Agile Team

PBXDom team are agile and very Innovative. We listen to our customers and fit our service to their needs. We usually update our service several times each month.

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High security using unique personal encryption

All of your data is encrypted using the unique encryption key generated for you; therefore, your data will be protected, and no one but you will have access to it.

high security call analysis and call accounting software

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