The Alcatel OmniPCX Office can be configured to send its SMDR data over a serial (RS232) or database connection.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Communication Server supports two types of call metering:

V24 metering supports V24 printing for all call metering tickets
IP metering supports IP printing for call metering tickets originating from a 3rd party application (Business or Hotel) via an IP connection
The type of metering must be specified when the Office Link driver is installed. The driver can be set to one of two modes: hotel or metering. You can use the OMC Counting function to specify the type of call metering for hardcopy printouts.

To set printing options for call metering tickets, follow the steps below:

Open the Counting function window in the OMC console and select the Accounting Printouttab.
Select the metering type from the drop-down list: Ext. Accounting Activation IP or Ext. Accounting Activation V24.
Click OK to save the settings.