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April 24th, 2017
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Are you looking for your desired call logging software?
Have you ever thought how it’s possible to monitor telephone communications of several branches or PBXes of the organizations?

If your company or organization has many divisions, then the problem of evaluating communications and call cost of PBXes have always been so challenging.

Traditional Solutions
1-Installing and running reporting softwares available in the market on each of the PBXes, generating reports of each PBX separately, and gathering and evaluating each of the reports to reach the final result and make the last decision.

2-Using Microsoft Excel and keeping track of the call cost on the bills without knowing from which department of the company or organization the call is coming, and even if the call was really needed or not.

Traditional Solutions Disadvantages:

Inconsistency: by using traditional software, it is required that you have reports from each of branches (and departments) over and over again, and then put some time and effort to assess them.

Simultaneous Maintenance of Several Applications: maintaining PBX reporting software is extremely difficult; because such programs have a very weak structure in terms of standard designing and architect, which cause them not to work properly. And if they ever do, you need to remove their database after some time because they are not basically designed to work with large call data.

Limited Reports: traditional PBX reporting software have a very common and big issue; they never offer variable reports and dashboards. They only present some very simple reports which are put together ever so briefly.

Lack of Monitoring Dashboards: the age of evaluating reports has already come to an end. Managers of all levels have been using managerial dashboards for years now. Old traditional PBX reporting software do not offer any of the great capabilities of the variable managerial dashboards.

New Solutions:

Call Monitoring and Analysis Service:

This service omits the extra effort of generating separate reports for each of the branches or departments of your companies. All it takes is adding all your branches and departments to your account and have the chance of getting collective reports of the entire communications that you have; and moreover, having collective managerial dashboards.

Our service is limitless in terms of the branches and divisions being introduced to the program. You might have three branches or three hundred ones. Our call logging service is capable of monitoring and evaluating all the calls at same time. There is no limitation in the way of a number of land lines and extensions are being introduced. Your PBX might only have 10 lines or 1K ones in another.

Be the first one to get informed whenever a person calls 911.

All it takes is defining an alert message and specifying a list of the people to whom you are interested in sending the message. You can either send them a text message or an E-mail. Taking advantage of this feature allows your security team to reach out those who are seeking help.

Are you interested to get informed of the long and costly calls?

PBX text messaging feature enables managers to get notified of their staff’s long and costly conversations, exceeding more than 20 minutes or 15 dollars.

If you have any questions about setting up our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be so glad to hear from you.

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