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Percentage of Abandoned Calls in Support and Services Department

August 1st, 2017
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An Abandoned call, also known as a Missed call is a call type on which the caller hangs up the phone before any person answers. Abandoned calls number and its percentage number have key roles in satisfying the clients who are contacting the Support and Services Department.

In fact, every successful company or organization must constantly be trying to keep abandoned calls number very close to zero. Percentage of abandoned calls finds a greater importance in SLA (Service Level Agreements) contracts and documents. For gauging the quality of a Support and Services Department, the percentage of abandoned calls on SLA documents has a significant importance. Since this figure has a great effect on customers satisfaction feeling.

Abandoned calls gauge

How to calculate?

A = Total number of incoming calls to Support and Services Department – Total number of answered calls of Support and Services Department

The total number of incoming calls of Support and Services Department ÷ B = A × 100

B is the percentage value of the abandoned calls.


Total number of incoming calls = 150
Total number of answered calls = 138

Now let’s place the numbers in the formulas:
A = 150 – 138 = 12
B = 12 × 100 ÷ 150 = 8%

So, the percentage number will be 8.


Abandoned call percent

What is the acceptable number in Support and Services industry?

A percentage value of 2% and lower means that the Support and Services Department has the highest quality.

A percentage value of 5% and lower can be an acceptable quality for a Support and Services Department.

Higher than 5% is the sign of some serious problems and means that the managers need to resolve the issues very immediately.



How to decrease percentage number of abandoned calls in Support and Services Departments?

1-Increasing the number of staff for answering the calls at peak hours

This might one of the most difficult decisions to make, but the truth is that at some hours during the day, you have the highest number of incoming calls, which demand you to handle them. Assigning more staff during the peak hours will have a very significant effect on the responsiveness level of your Support and Services Department. Hence, increases up the quality.

2-Determining the peak hours

One of the other very important factors to take down the percentage of abandoned calls is finding a way to better determine the peak hours, during which the Support and Services Department receives the highest number of incoming calls. If you can better detect the peak hours, you are going to be able to assign more staff and keep the abandoned calls percentage value to an acceptable level.

3-Improving messages in the waiting line

It is interesting to know that how messages, their content, and issuing times can be effective in lowering the percentage value of abandoned calls.

Now the question becomes: How can we figure out these numbers and percentages?


call accounting

1-Traditional ways

Although this approach is very difficult and has a very low accuracy, still can be used. In this method, you need to ask your staff to write down all the calls they receive and answer during the day. Then you will wait till the unsatisfied customers call you or one of the high-ranking managers so that you become able to make a list of all of them. In the next step, you start doing some math by placing the numbers in the formulas and calculate the abandoned calls percentage, which is very imprecise.



PBXDom Call Dashboard

2-Modern ways

Using Call Management and Analysis Services like PBXDom
By taking advantage of such great tools, you can easily gain access to your call centers or PBX machines information, and figure out the status of the calls in the Support and Services Department of your company.

PBXDom Call Management and Analysis Service will automatically calculate the total number of incoming calls, the total number of the answered calls to the Support and Services Department of your company and does the math for you to calculate the abandoned calls percentage values.

All it takes is creating a managerial dashboard for your Support and Services Department and monitor the abandoned calls at any time.

Dashboards on PBXDom automatically get refreshed every few minutes. You might be even interested in displaying the created dashboard on Fullscreen mode on your monitor and share it with other colleagues in Support and Services Department using large screen wallboard displays. This way, you will be able to monitor the status of the different call types as well as have the abandoned calls percentage value up in front of you.

For installing and running PBXDom Call Management and Analysis Service, there is no need to have a particular hardware or software, and it can be easily set up.

If you are really interested in bringing some revolutionary changes in Support and Services Department of your Company, then we offer our built tool for it to take part on your way to success.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing your questions.



Reza Mousavi

Reza Mousavi

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at PBXDom, Software Architect, Frequent reader, Fan of adventure travel
Reza Mousavi

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