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If you have more than one PBX, please enter the total number of extensions for all of them.

Features and Advantages

  • Unlimited Dashboard
  • More than 70 widgets
  • More than 30 reports
  • More than 10 charts
  • Advanced Call Reporting
  • Integration with major services (Slack,Zapier, …)
  • Departments and Groups assignment
  • Multi users, limited to Department,Groups,Extension
  • Emergency 911 & Instant Alerts
  • Telecom Expense & Call Accounting
  • Dashboard Sharing
  • Wallboard features
  • Voice Traffic Analysis
  • Export to Excel,TXT,PDF
  • Update Every 5 Minutes
  • Send SMS,Voice Call Alert
  • 5 years data retention, Unlimited records
  • Unlimited PBX
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Site/Location
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Free Email & Chat Support
  • Free Remote Installation
  • Webhook Alert

Frequently asked questions

What are the users and plans?

Each user is equivalent to one extension/phone. So, if you have 100 extensions in your organization, you should select the appropriate plan to support 100 users.

For SMS/Voice Call alerts, should I pay more?

No, you do not have to pay more for those features, but you should pay for each voice call alert or each SMS alert. Price per call and SMS are different based on receiver location. You should have an initial credit for SMS/Voice alert. For more info, contact sales.

How many PBX/Voice platforms can I add into my account?

It’s unlimited, and you can add as many as you want. Just make sure your current plan covers the total extensions/users for all PBXes/Voice platforms.

Do you offer any partner/reseller programs?

Yes! If you have more than 10 active users on PBXDom, you can apply here.

Our phone system has 300 extensions, but I want to use PBXDom for only one department with 20 extensions. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible.

I entered my total extensions in the pricing page, but it offered the higher plan. Could you explain that?

PBXDom plans are tier-based; they start from 16 users and continue by 24, 32, 48 up to 16,384 users. By entering your total extensions, it automatically offers the nearest plan that covers all of your extensions.

I have one PBX with 4 landlines and 6 extensions. Which plan works for me?

By entering a 6 on the pricing page, 16 users will be offered to you. It’s our starter plan.

Our company has 3 buildings in total: our headquarters and two branches. In the main office, we have 500 extensions, in branch one we have 80 extensions, and in branch two we have 100 extensions. Which plan works for me?

So, your total extensions equal 500 + 80 + 100 => 680. By entering 680 on the pricing page, the 768-user plan will be offered to you.

Do trunks/channels count as users?

No, trunks and channels do not count as users and have no impact on cost.

Do you have any discounts for non-profits?

Yes! For more info click here

Can I import my old call information to my account?

Yes, it’s possible with an additional cost. For more info, click here

Do you offer different support plan?

Yes, PBXDom has three support plans:

1-Standard (Support First response 48 hours, Ticket, Online Doc) Free
2-Professional (All in Standard+First response 24 hours+Chat+Free remote installation)
3-Enterprise (All in Professional+First response 6 hours+ Developer support for integration+ Success Manager)

We have users in 50 countries.

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