Product Update: What’s New in PBXDom for Feb 2019

February 17th, 2019
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Talk less, act more! Here, I’d like to drag your full attention to this month’s improvements and features on PBXDom. One of the essential factors of our success originates from being highly responsive to the needs of our clients — not in words, but action. Here’s the proof!

New Features:
PBXDom now support Issabel PBX

Fixed Bugs:
Fixed cost calculation for calls more than 9999 hours
Fixed weather widget
Fixed collector big file issue
Fixed dashboard cache issue
Fixed Real-time widgets for Asterisk
Fixed Real-time widgets for Yeastar

What are your thoughts?
You can contribute to PBXDom development by sharing your ideas and thoughts with us. Our team at PBXDom will be so glad to hear from you.

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