Product Update: What’s New in PBXDom for June 2017

July 2nd, 2017
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We are taking our steps firmly toward making PBXDom a better platform for our users. Over the last month, we had some remarkable improvements to share with you. Check out June 2017 new features and updates.

New Features


Bug fixed

1-New Features

Weather widget


As a dashboard is always being displayed on computer monitors or wallboard displays in call centers or even for monitoring purposes of the companies. Knowing about some information can be interesting to everybody. Therefore, from this point on, you can add a Weather widget to your dashboards.

Simple Text Widget


Sometimes, we may need to show a text message to all the agents in call centers or send a message to those who monitor a particular dashboard. By using the Simple Text widget, you can easily display your text message on a dashboard.

Log rotate interval collector
This feature enables the Collector software to send the data to the PBXdom platform in a specified time intervals, which is adjustable. By default, Collector software sends the data to the cloud in the fastest possible time.

Add extensions and gateways list on setup wizard for Asterisk-base PBXes
From this point on, you can add the list of extensions and gateways when installing Asterisk-base PBXes right at the beginning. In the past, this was only possible after submitting a request to the support team.

Add different time zones and time formats for your PBXes
Some of the PBX machines have different date and time formats, which had always been a time-consuming process to be defined manually both on the PBXDom site, as well as different PBXes. Now, you can specify date and time format of each PBX separately on the installation wizard.


Improved and easier setup wizard
Some changes have been brought to the wizard so that you can add new PBXes easily and with some greater control. These changes increase up the chance of connecting your PBX to PBXDom.

Redesigned PBX General Settings section
Redesigned PBX General Settings section, and removed Date & Time section from PBX Settings section, as well as renaming the new section to ‘PBX General Settings‘.

3.Bugs Fixed

Fixed some of the bugs on dashboard section
Resolved some of the issues on the dashboard section

Fixed Collector Status widget
Resolved some of the bugs related to Collector Status widgets.

What are your thoughts?
As previously mentioned, your feedback is always welcome as we are constantly striving to improve our service to suit the needs of our users. Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please leave them by clicking here.

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