Real-Time Extensions Status Widget

November 5th, 2016
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Real-Time Extensions Status
One of the most useful widgets in PBXDOM is that of Real-Time Extensions Status. This widget shows you an overview of the Real-Time Extensions Status in your company. The information of this widget includes:

Extension Status by color: Yellow(Ring),Blue(Busy),White(Idle)
Extension Call Direction : Incoming or Outgoing Call
Extension Call Duration : Duration of calls when ringing or busy
Extension Caller ID : Caller ID or Dialed Number

With a look at this widget, you can quickly find comprehensive information on the Real-Time Extensions Status.

The settings of this widget include the following:

Real-Time Extension Configuration

Information can always help us develop our business. The mission of PBXDOM service is primarily to help small and medium businesses grow.Managers of companies and departments can make appropriate decisions to enhance the quality of responding to the clients by having correct information on the phone calls of the company. Also, the call cost management and no improper use of the resources of the organizations are other benefits of having correct information about the situation of your company calls.

We hope that PBXDOM service can help you in the way of success. We would be glad to have your feedback and create better service for you with your help.

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