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June 7th, 2015
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Too often in the sales department, the sales expert forgets to record the number of a customer after a call by the client.
Some other times, it is not possible to record the information due to the large volume of calls in the sales department.
What is the solution?
PBXDOM service can easily record all incoming outgoing and even unanswered calls, of your sales department. Whenever you want, you can easily search based on the date, phone number or extension number.
It is also easily possible to check the calls between 9 am and 10 am.
If you only remember that a given call with a customer took more than half an hour, you can still look it up based on the duration of conversations.
PBXDOM, as an efficient tool, helps sales staff not lose any contact. Unanswered calls are recorded in PBXDOM even when they are not on their desk, and you can call them.
You can easily search a customer’s phone number in PBXDOM to see whether they have already called your company, and see the lists of the previous contact. No matter when a call has been made, PBXDOM service keeps the information for you for several years without any concern.
If you want to see that where the majority of your customers are from, PBXDOM helps you search the local ones to become aware of the volume of calls locally.
At present, the calls logging service of sales departments can be setup for Panasonic PBX. But if your PBX or call center is of another type, do not worry. Just contact us, and we will add your PBX or call center to the supported within 2 days and you can use a variety of PBXDOM reports to further the goals of your sales department.

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