Sample Report – Call History

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This report shows us a complete list of all the internal, incoming, outgoing, and abandoned calls in a company or organization within a specified range of time.


1. DateTime: the exact date and time of the call

2. From: the phone number or extension number from which the call was received

3. Caller Name: the assigned name of the caller set by the TELCO

Note: the telecommunication company (TELCO) is needed to support Caller Name feature.
4. To: the dialed phone/extension number

5. Call Type: type of the call, whether it is internal, incoming, outgoing, or abandoned

6. Ext: the extension number which made/received the call

7. Ext Name: the assigned name of the extension number

8. Duration: the duration of the call

9. Cost: the cost of the call

10. Time Before Answer/Hang-up: the waiting time before an extension answers the call/the waiting time before an incoming call is abandoned

11. Trunk/CO: the name or the number of the landline

12. Trunk/CO Name: the assigned name of the landline

Note: make sure that your PBX supports Time Before Answer and Time Before Hang-up capabilities. Plus, the Caller Name capability, in some reports, is only displayed if the TELCO supports it. Otherwise, these columns will remain blank in a report.