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Percentage of Abandoned Calls in Support and Services Department

Video Tutorials: How To Create Cisco Call Manager Dashboard In 10 Minutes

For more info read the following article https://www.pbxdom.com/how-to-create-cisco-callmanager-dashboard-in-10-minutes

How Cisco Call Manager Works - Part 1

How Cisco Call Manager Works – Part 1

Overview of CUCM Cisco Unified communication (UC) integrates voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications with an IP-based communications system. It makes communication more …

How To Create Cisco CallManager Dashboard In 10 Minutes

How To Create Cisco Call Manager Dashboard In 10 Minutes

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) serves as the software-based, call-processing component of Cisco Unified Communications. (PBXDom is  Cisco Call Manager Dashboard 3rdparty). …

Cisco CDR Date Time

How To Convert Cisco CDR Date and Time

The call detail records (CDR) in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Call Manager) have many fields for date and time. The date and time fields …

Sales Management

Managing and Analyzing Calls in the Sales Department

Do you work as a sales manager? Or you might be a sales assistant or expert? If you’re selling something or working in the Sales …

Cisco CDR Reporting Dashboard

Cisco CDR Reporting? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Call reporting and analytics services in all the major organizations and companies have been getting commoner over time. If you happen to be someone who …

Cisco Call Manager CDR

101 Free Video Training for Cisco Unified Communications Manager – Updated 2020

If you’d like to know more about CUCM, we’re going to make it easy for you. We’ve put together a collection of 101 Free Video …