Yeastar MyPBX U100 Call Accounting & Reporting Service

February 27th, 2016
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Yeastart MyPBX U100 Call Accounting & Reporting Service

PBX settings

Please login to your PBX via SSH.

edit /etc/asterisk/cdr_manager.conf

and change



enabled = no



enabled = yes

edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

and add following line after [admin] section


secret = pbxdom
read = cdr,agent
write = command,cdr

Restart your PBX

PBXDom settings

Add new PBX under your registered collector with following information

Vendor = Yeastar

Model = Your Model

Connection Type = TCP/IP Client

IP = Your PBX IP Address

Port = 5038

Login = pbxdom

Password = pbxdom

Configuration by Yeastar MyPBX Management

Goto AMI Settings.
YeaStar Call Accounting

1-Check Enable AMI

2-Enter Username = pbxdom

3-Enter password = pbxdom

4-Click on save button.

5-Enter IP address of the PC collector installed on it, in Permitted IP Address/Subnet Mask

for example, if you installed collector software on PC with IP address

you must enter and click on Add button.

6-Click on save button again.

7-On top of the page click on apply changes.

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